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Today 1900

Art nouveau for all

The shop Today 1900 perpetuates the spirit of Nancy Art Nouveau by proposing a vast choice of lighting, vases, limp, jewelry and other creations.

Installed to the 29 of the street Blandan Sergeant in Nancy, in the famous district “Nancy Thermal”, Today 1900 are a shop full with charm.

Its will is to perpetuate the spirit of the Art nouveau, this style which made the reputation of Nancy (54) at the Beautiful time, and to propose a vast panel of creations at accessible prices.

The choice is impressive:
First of all in term of jewelry: pins, necklaces, the pendentive ones (which enclose sometimes creations in crystal paste), rings… The matters are varied, of the metal gilded with vermeil, via the money, in order to make it possible each one to find its happiness.

The shop perpetuates the tradition of the regional jewelry with the cross of Lorraine and the thistles.

As regards the glassmaking, the two great techniques used (multi-layer nuagées and multi-layer engraved with the acid) are well represented: Glosses, lamps, vases and various creations in many shapes and colors.


Today 1900… The one time spirit Glassmaking, glosses, artistic lamps out of glass cloud or engraved with the acid in the spirit of Scale and larger artists of the School of Nancy
Personalized creations
Restoration of lighting

The shop is open
Wednesday to Saturday of 10:00 to 18:30 without interruption
Sunday of 10:00 to 18:00 without interruption
Closing Monday and Tuesday


TODAY 1900 Formul inov - Siren : 440 912 749 - 29 Rue du Sergent Blandan 54000 NANCY - Tél/Fax : +33 (0)3 83 90 73 68

Located at Nancy, Today 1900 are a shop specialized in the sale of glassmaking, glosses, lamps,…