A knowledge to make ancestral to perennialize a heritage

Do not speak about copies!
We are in the one time inspiration, in the continuation of a style.
The various exposed parts are the work of recognized glass craftsmen
Their work falls under a current production, which is subject to the influences of our company and which adapts to the last style.
The tradition is maintained, the preserved techniques, but nothing is fixed.

All the parts proposed are single, we issue a certificate of authenticity for all acquisitions.


Did you know?
Certain parts are personnalisables
Possible restoration
Possible forwardings


TODAY 1900 Formul inov - Siren : 440 912 749 - 29 Rue du Sergent Blandan 54000 NANCY - Tél/Fax : +33 (0)3 83 90 73 68

Located at Nancy, Today 1900 are a shop specialized in the sale of glassmaking, glosses, lamps,…